WhatsApp MA APK Download Latest Version (Official) 2023

A modified version of WhatsApp, known as WhatsApp MA, offers some popular or frequently requested features that official WhatsApp does not have. However, It enables you to change the application’s GUI and other features.

Among all WhatsApp Mods, WhatsApp MA is the most dominant. Another one of the WhatsApp mods is WhatsAppMA, which enables us to incorporate new features throughout the chat application.

You can add custom themes, fonts, styles, and more to this WhatsApp status. These features affect the app’s internal functionality and the visible elements of the interface. Also, You can improve WhatsApp’s unique attributes. This mod is one of the most well-liked ones out there.

WhatsApp MA offers an impressive selection of style names. WhatsApp MA offers some fundamental features to give you everything you need. It is jam-packed with new features and a ton of customization. Nevertheless, The Whatsapp interface can also be altered in various ways. Whatsapp is portable and stable so you can use it on any device.

WhatsApp MA Offers an impressive selection of style names, and every fundamental features to fulfill your needs of the business. This version is Jam Packed with new features and a ton of customization. Its Interface is also customizable.


Download MA Whatsapp APK 2023

WhatsApp MA APK

App NameWhatsApp MA
Android 5.0+
Last Updated1 Day Ago

WhatsappMA is full of features, but we’ll discuss only the significant features of this Whatsapp mod apk here. You can do much more this Whatsapp than in the official app.

Make Endless Stories:

For those who want to share different stories at different times, the WhatsAppMA app is beneficial.

Anti Ban

An anti-ban feature is the first and one of the most helpful features of this WhatsApp mod. You are protected from the ban by it. Moreover, Using this Whatsapp mod apk, you won’t ever experience a banned issue. It is entirely safe to use and secure.

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Mode DND

You also get a DND mode with this Whatsapp mod. You can completely disconnect from the internet if you enable this feature, preventing you from sending and receiving WhatsApp messages. Additionally, This Whatsapp mod function is also referred to as Flight mode. If you enable this feature, you won’t need to turn off your internet to stop Whatsapp from running.

Freeze Last Seen

You can also hide and freeze your last seen on this Whatsapp mod. If you want to appear offline while online, you can freeze your last seen by selecting the “freeze last seen” function. You won’t be able to use Whatsapp and display your online status because it will be frozen.

Invite Unlimited Members

You can invite 1024 people to join the group using this app. While using audio and video calls to communicate with the group’s members is a great opportunity.

Whatsapp Status Downloader

The Whatsapp mod includes a status downloader that enables you to quickly download the Whatsapp statuses of your loved ones into your phone’s gallery. You no longer need to download WhatsApp statuses using any other apps

Lock and Hide WhatsApp Chats

Chats can be hidden or locked, which is one of this Whatsapp mod’s most exciting and practical features. However, You can now use this feature to secure your Whatsapp conversations with a unique pin or pattern.

Lightweight app

For Android users, it is a very lightweight application. This app uses a minimal amount of memory on your phone. Therefore, the app doesn’t slow down your device.

Update frequently

The app’s bugs are fixed through routine updates. The app continues to be new, quick, and clean.

Auto reply

The auto-reply feature can be enabled in the WhatsAppMA application. Therefore, it helps to reply automatically when busy and not online.

How to Download and Install WhatsAppMA APK File?

If you want to download this WhatsApp mod APK on your Android device but need help downloading and installing WhatsApp MA, do not worry. Here are a few simple instructions for setting up WhatsAppMA APK on an Android device. As you are aware, this WhatsApp mod is not offered on the Google Play Store, unlike the official app. So take these actions:

  • Please wait for it to download after clicking the provided button.
  • The download will begin after a short delay.
  • The path to save the file will be requested.
  • Save the download link for the APK file right now.
  • In a few minutes, the download will be finished.
  • Select the Allow unknown sources option under Settings on your Android device.
  • Go to the APK file’s download folder now.
  • Select APK, then select the Install option.
  • It will take a little while for the installation to be finished.
  • To install WhatsApp, there is nothing else you need to do.
  • After the application has been installed, open it, register for WhatsApp, and then use it.

How to update Whatsapp MA?

  • Navigate to the app’s settings.
  • Select “Updates”
  • Next, select “check for updates.”
  • Afterwards, select update.
  • The website will open, and the most recent app version will be downloaded.
  • Install this Whatsapp’s most recent version right away.

How To Enable Two-Step Verification Of WhatsAppMA

WhatsAppMA’s two-step verification is a fantastic feature. Also, Enabling the option from your app gives you more security. Let’s look at the steps below to discover how they can be done.

  • Visit the home page.
  • You click the three dots on the home screen’s top right corner.
  • Now you select the setting option from the various pop-up menus.
  • Tap the Account option after that.
  • Click on the Two-step verification after that.
  • Select “enable” by tapping it.
  • Then click the following button to set your 6-digit PIN again for confirmation. Finally, you enter an email address that aids in resending the PIN should you forget it.


The WhatsApp MA app is a modified version of the original WhatsApp that offers many extra features not found in the original app. Based on GBWhatsapp and OG Whatsapp, unidentified developers created this Whatsapp mod.

Nearly all of the features of both of these WhatsApp mods are included. You also receive privacy-related features, such as the ability to lock Whatsapp messages, hide and freeze last-seen messages, and more.

Based on GB Whatsapp and OG Whatsapp, this MA Whatsapp apk is the most recent version (2023). You get almost all of these Whatsapp mods’ features. With this Whatsapp mod, you can alter themes, fonts, styles, and many other things.

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