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Whatsapp Arab is one of the incredible Whatsapp-modified applications. It was explicitly created with Android users everywhere in mind. Moreover, You will fall in love with the Arab world and its people thanks to this mod’s Arabic cultural themes, in any case.

This mod is doubtlessly a gem. Additionally, GB WhatsApp served as the foundation for developing this MOD called WhatsApp Arab, which was created with the Arabic community in mind.

However, there are a few changes between these two. It also provides emojis that feature common Arab cultural themes and depict individuals in djellabas and related garb. Additionally, the most recent update was explicitly created for Arabians. This update includes a variety of emojis entirely based on Arab culture.

Whatsapp arab apk

App NameWhatsApp Arab
Version v6.40
File Size36MB
Android Requirement4.0+
Last Updated1 Day Ago


Features of WhatsApp Arab

Due to its distinctive features, this app has carved out a unique niche in mod apps. A few features and functions are shown here today to give you a quick app overview. In addition to this curiosity, it has the following attributes:

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More customization elements

The most recent version of WhatsApp for Arab users offers more customization options than the original version and other mode apps, including themes, wallpapers, icons, colours, and background colours. However, Users can therefore alter their user interface as necessary.

Auto reply option

In the WhatsApp Arabic app, you have an auto-reply feature. This feature allows you to set auto-replies. So if someone texts you, this automatically sends him your reply. However, This will work every time you are online or not.

Copy and download status

You can download contacts’ stories and copy their statuses without any difficulty.

Send large files

The WhatsApp Arab app is fantastic for users because it is very functional for sending or sharing large files in various formats. However, you can’t do it with the original app. Currently, the mod app allows you to send 90 photos at once.

Small-sized app

A small app for your devices, this one. It only takes up a little room on your Android, which would slow it down or make it unstable. Consequently, you can use it without being concerned.

Advanced Privacy Option

You have many features in this mod that enhance your privacy. You can hide your blue ticks and online information using this app. You can also lock your WhatsApp account and a specific conversation.

Legal, safe & secure

Concerns about the legitimacy of mod apps are widespread. In this instance, WhatsApp Arab is unquestionably legal. Also, It complies with all international laws and guidelines. Additionally, users of mobile phones can do so safely and securely.

However, It contains no components like viruses or malware that could harm your device. You can therefore install the app for your communications without feeling bothered.


Because it has anti-ban features, you will never be banned. Therefore, you will retain important messages that you exchanged at various points.

Don’t Disturb Mode (DND)

An advantageous option for this app is the DND mode. By turning off the notifications, calls, and messages, you can avoid being disturbed if you enable this option.

More privacy

You can control your privacy settings to hide your profile picture, description, online status, and last-seen information. Therefore, no one knows your true identity or whether you are available online.

Increased Instant reaction elements

Emojis, stickers, emoticons, GIFs, smiles, and other increased instant reaction elements are available in more significant quantities in the WhatsApp Arabe application. As a result, you can instantly express your response, emotion, and mood.

In addition, many other features are available, such as the ability to change themes based on your mood and perform other customizations. One of the best WhatsApp modifications to date is this one. To have an incredible experience you’ve never had, download it immediately!

How to download and install WhatsApp Arab?

  • First, download the WhatsApp Arab APK file using the link provided above.
  • Go to Settings Security App Security on your phone after downloading the app file. Authenticate Unknown Sources enabled it.
  • Then, open WhatsApp Arab by selecting it from the Downloads menu or notification bar, and grant everyone access.
  • The WhatsApp Arab APK has been installed successfully.
  • You can now use it.


This mod was created specifically to promote Arabic culture throughout the world. Many emojis in this mod depict Arabic culture and make chat more engaging and enjoyable. However, WhatsApp Arab offers several features where you can alter the theme and customize your mood.

Also, One of the best WhatsApp mods to date is this one. As you are aware, this app has additional lovely and captivating emojis that depict Arab culture.

Saudi WhatsApp is the most downloaded and well-liked app worldwide. Whatsapp can also be customized. Emojis dress in various cultural garb to help people learn more about Arabs.

That makes the conversation more interesting, at least according to Arabic culture. Download it right away to start using this fantastic app from our website. Thank you for reading.

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