Soula Whatsapp Apk Download (Official) Latest Version 2023

Soula WhatsApp is a modified version that regulates some of the service’s privacy settings and features.

Soula WhatsApp gives users more privacy control, interface customization options, and exciting new possibilities for file distribution restrictions.

Although Soula WhatsApp is not open-source software, many templates based on the app’s resources have been created and can be used to extend or enhance the app’s current features and templates.

Therefore, numerous WhatsApp modes exist, including Soula WhatsApp and WhatsApp Transparent.

Compared to earlier WhatsApp versions, Soula WhatsApp has fewer errors. Compared to other WhatsApp models, it performs well and has better capabilities.

You’ll notice that this app offers similar features to others but with a better and more streamlined user interface. If you support WhatsApp’s clarity and want more details, read the article below.

NameSoula Whatsapp
Android Requirement4.8 or above
Size 43MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Soula Whatsapp apk


Soula Whatsapp Apk Features

You will notice that Soula WhatsApp gives us the same aspect as other modified versions of WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and FM WhatsApp if you download the Soula WhatsApp APK file. In other words, more privacy control, new ways to customize our interface and graphics, and options for limiting file distribution.

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Change Icon

Because WhatsApp is the most popular app, everyone knows its icon. Users can alter their WhatsApp icon, making it impossible for others to distinguish it from the primary WhatsApp app.

Media Sharing Mods

  • The notifications in Soula Whatsapp do not pause any audio that is currently playing on your phone, in contrast to the original Whatsapp application.
  • On Soula Whatsapp, users can now share videos with a maximum file size and duration of 700 MB.
  • The original resolution is maintained when a picture is shared using this version of WhatsApp.

Main/Chat Screen Mods

The chat button can be archived and hidden from the Whatsapp home page using this feature. Users can do this to eliminate the grey line that divides the screens from the chats.

General Setting Mods

Using the all-setting option, the user can switch from a white to a dark colour scheme. The user can enable or disable the message counter in the Soula WhatsApp icon, which displays the number of unread messages. The user can easily switch between chats thanks to a new multi-chat feature.


The library offers hundreds of different theme options. Utilizing this WhatsApp-modified version on your phone, you can easily share up to ten HD photos.


The mod’s privacy issue is its biggest flaw. Developers can see both sent and received messages thanks to this mod. However, Developers can see how this trend threatens Security. Speed is yet another problem you’ll have with this app. However, Everything is slower than official WhatsApp in every way.

How to install WhatsApp Sola?

Avoid wasting time! To install Soula WhatsApp APK on your device, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings and then Security.
  • Ensure that Unknown Sources is running.
  • Locate the APK file on your mobile device.
  • Open the APK file, then adhere to the directions.
  • Unknown Sources should be deleted, but it’s not required.

Requirements and additional information

  • The “Unknown sources” option must be turned on in Settings to Applications to install the app using the APK file.
  • This program is an altered version of the original application created by a third party independent of the owner or Malavida, neither of which has verified, validated, or approved the latter. However, The user is solely responsible for downloading, setting up, and using this program; Malavida is not responsible for any consequences that may occur on your device. This version has no affiliation whatsoever with Malavida, the original developer of the modified app, or any of their trademarks.


One of the most widely used WhatsApp mods right now is Soula. When downloading an APK file, Soula provides the same options as other options. However, Soula WhatsApp APK’s maximum potential extradites the subject color from white to dark through a full range of settings.

In accumulation, there are new options for modifying the interface and graphics, more privacy controls in the user area, and occasionally available restrictions for data transfer. Besides, after reading the entire article, users can make any modification in Soula WhatsApp. More, they will be able to understand its functions and features. Finally, they can download it by following the directions previously mentioned.

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