Download Red WhatsApp APK (Official) Latest Version 2023

Red WhatsApp is one of the best modified WhatsApp versions of the original WhatsApp. If you are a fan of Red colour then this Red WhatsApp Apk is for you.  This Mod offers New features such as Red Interface, and many other features which we have discussed below.

With Beautiful themes and incredible features of WhatsApp Red, you can experience features like saving view once media and pausing voice notes that are unavailable on the official WhatsApp.

Red Whatsapp is different from Fouad WhatsAppNA WhatsApp APKTM WhatsApp, and SM WhatsApp. You can find a download link for Red WhatsApp’s most recent version, V21.00, and read about the new features in this article.


Download Red WhatsApp APK

red whatsapp apk

App NameRed WhatsApp
Android Requirement5.0+
File size61MB
Last update1 Day Ago

Red WhatsApp Features

The following are the features of red WhatsApp.

Control Your Privacy

You can control your notifications on WhatsApp Red, including the time and location. You have total control over everything with these apps, including chats, who can see your status, and contact-based privacy settings. You can also choose whether to allow contacts to call or message you.

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One Click Status Copy

You can copy the images and videos that your friends share with you using WhatsApp Red.

Auto reply

You can enable Auto Reply Feature in settings. It helps you to Auto Reply to Unnecessary Messages.

Hide Last Seen/ Status

Although you will receive the message and respond to it, your friend will never know when you viewed the status and when you responded.


Put a password or pattern in place to secure your application. This application will allow you to set up fingerprint reading security even though your phone already supports it. However, You can choose from various options for encrypting your application by simply turning on security in the application’s settings.

Hide Pattern

You can hide the visibility if you don’t want anyone to know your password.


Set a background of your own choice, select any picture, image, or any solid colour as the background of the chats and main menu,

Contact Name

Differentiate the contact names from the background by changing the colour scheme of the contact names.

Status Color

Set the status text’s colour as well. And also, Set manually from the application’s set font style and colour.

Direct Communication

Use the application to enable or disable internet connectivity directly rather than the notification pane.

Timings of Status

More than 60-second to three-minute status timings can be manually set in the settings.

Video Limit

You can easily manually set your video sending cap from the settings to 700 MB.

Group call

You can add as many people as you want to your group call without worrying about its other restrictions.

Dark Mode

You can easily enable or disable the dark mode from the application’s settings whenever possible.

WhatsApp Red APK Main Features

Main Features

WhatsApp Red comes along with some fantastic features which are going to blow your mind; some of them are the following:

  • Downloading the users status
  • You can also upload a larger file on the status and write 250 characters
  • Hidden conversations
  • Red colour user interface
  • High-Resolution Image
  • Quick Reply
  • Copy Status
  • Interesting Themes
  • Stop Receiving Calls

How to update WhatsApp Red?

Use the most recent version of WhatsApp to take advantage of its features. Find that WhatsApp Red APK needs to be updated. However, You should remove the outdated version from your Android device and install the most recent version by clicking the download button.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Red WhatsApp has more features and functions if you download it. According to the mod’s creators, this mod also includes an app blocker. It guarantees you will always be able to use it.


The use of third-party editing apps has two main drawbacks. Malware viruses that can harm your phone and third-party developers’ access to your personal information put your privacy at risk.



You must at least once try WhatsApp Red APK on an Android device if you are someone who enjoys using WhatsApp regardless of who you are. However, This copy of WhatsApp is one of the most well-known among users due to the WhatsApp red icon.

Red WhatsApp is cool because you can freeze your last-seen information as well. Moreover, WhatsApp Red has lovely themes and unique features like saving view-once media and hiding your online status. Also, many additional features are available that need to be included in the official application.

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