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RC Whatsapp Apk – A New Mod For the Whatsapp App. If you are looking for a New Mod for the Whatsapp app, you can now download RC-WA. Unlike the stock version of the Whatsapp app and other mods like Fouad WA, and GA Whatsapp, this New Mod gives you more privacy control.

You can now set the app to reply automatically to messages and you can even turn it into a DND mode if you wish. RC-WA is a great option for users who are concerned about privacy and security.


RC-WA is a New Mod based on stock

RCWA is a modified version of the stock Whatsapp application. This version is compatible with all versions of Android and iOS and comes with many of the same features as its iOS counterpart. It is a simple modded version of WhatsApp and is based on the popular YOWhatsApp mod. If you are looking for an iOS-themed version of WhatsApp, this one is the perfect fit for you.

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RC-WA is a WhatsApp modification that focuses on privacy and security. It adds increased stability and speed, as well as new features to enhance security and privacy. You can also share your states with other users without compromising your privacy. The best part is that you won’t be prompted to reveal your location or OTP verification code, as you do with the stock version.

RC-WA has a very simple UI and is compatible with any Android smartphone. Its interface mimics that of the iOS app. Users will notice that RC-WA is similar to the iOS interface, but with many more features. The installer is based on the RC-WA installer APK file. You can download RC-WA from Google Play or other third-party sources.

RC Yo Whatsapp is another popular WhatsApp MOD. Developed by Richar Correa, YoWA is a better version of the official WhatsApp application. Users can send text messages, voice messages, images, videos, and emojis through YoWA. YoWA is so simple to install and use that you’ll be able to swap your stock Whatsapp version for the new one with a click of the button.

RC-WA auto-reply feature

If you want to reply to all your customers in a quick and easy way, RC-WA has an auto-response feature. You can choose to send messages to everyone in your address book, or you can select certain contacts and only reply to them. This feature is especially useful if you need to respond to a large number of people on a daily basis. Here are some options to consider when setting up auto-replies.

RC Whatsapp Apk DND mode

DND mode is a way to stop receiving messages from other people. This can be enabled in the settings menu. The DND mode prevents people from sending you messages or noticing if you receive them. It is also available on RC Whatsapp Apk. Once installed, users can simply enable it from the settings menu or by copying the APK to the internal storage of their phone. They then install the app just like they would any other APK.

To use DND mode in RC Whatsapp Apk, first, you need to save your phone number. After that, click the Wi-Fi icon and you will see a message stating that the phone is not connected to the internet. After this, the app will not connect to the internet and you will not receive notifications from other users. After enabling the DND mode, you will need to update the app to the latest version.

The Do Not Disturb mode is a privacy setting that allows users to turn off their notifications on WhatsApp. This mode will prevent any calls or messages from reaching your device when it is on airplane mode. This mode is useful for those who cannot turn off their internet access or WiFi. Using the DND mode is recommended if you have a busy schedule. You may miss important calls or messages while in airplane mode.

Another option for enabling the DND mode is to disable notifications and icons on WhatsApp. Once the DND mode is enabled, you won’t receive any calls from repeat callers. Another option is to enable the anti-Revoke feature, which restores deleted messages. If you are worried that your phone may get hacked, you can use RC Whatsapp. This is an alternative to the official WhatsApp app.

RC Whatsapp Apk feature

RC Whatsapp has an auto-responding feature that allows you to reply to every message without typing it manually.

You can set the auto-reply to work for all your contacts or select certain groups to reply to. Then, you can also set it to ignore certain messages. Another feature that lets you customize the auto-reply is its word matching option. If you want to reply to every message that has “lol”, all you need to do is type the exact name of the contact in the message field.

To use this feature, you first need to enable notification access on WhatsApp. You can do this by selecting “Applications”. When you enable notifications, you will notice a blue tick when you reply to a chat. Once the app is installed, you can configure the default text to “I am busy, will text you later” or customize it. The auto-reply text can also be saved in the app, so it will be more personalized for you.

While auto-reply features aren’t available on normal WhatsApp, the RC Whatsapp app includes a feature that will automatically respond to any messages you receive. You can set the auto-reply message to respond to customers and other people who send you messages. The auto-reply can be set for certain times, or to specific contact lists, or a mixture of both. If you’re away, you can disable auto-reply messages by long-holding the tab you want to reply with.

The auto-reply feature in RC Whatsapp is useful if you’re busy and don’t have time to reply to messages. You can set your auto-reply to go out of business hours or whenever you’re in the middle of another activity. Besides, RC Whatsapp has settings that allow you to set the message to be sent to certain groups, such as friends.

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Application NameRC Whatsapp Apk
Version7.90 (Anit-Ban)
Last Updated Yesterday
Android Version Requires 4.0.3 and above
Total Downloads 20k +
App Size 70.13 MB
Package Name com.rcyowa / com.whatsapp
Developer Richar Correa

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