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You may be aware of Pink WhatsApp, and a new WhatsApp mod was created especially for cute females who enjoy the color pink. However, despite the app’s widespread popularity and numerous modifications, only a few of WhatsApp’s variants are attractive to girls.

The original WhatsApp app does not include any unique features in the Pink WhatsApp apk.

The main feature is the capability to switch to a pink color scheme, which genuinely affects the app’s general tone and vibe. Moreover, The pink-themed female variant of the original WhatsApp is what girls lust after the most, so we present WhatsApp Pink, one of the most widely used variations of the messaging app.

Pink whatsapp apk

App NamePink WhatsApp
Requirement Android 2.3 and above
Last Updated 1 Day Ago


WhatsApp Pink: What Is It?

Another modified version of the official WhatsApp, Pink WhatsApp, offers its users several extra features not seen in the original WhatsApp. Because of its pink themes and adorable interfaces, WhatsApp Pink is a version created by renowned developer Omar Batheeb.

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It functions alongside regular WhatsApp with a different phone number. You may alter the default hue and give your home screen a pink theme. You can choose from unique features and functionalities that give Pink WhatsApp its strength. Additionally, it contains a floating icon that gives you access to WhatsApp settings from the home screen. You also receive the extra features and a pink interface.

WhatsApp calls might be frustrating because anyone can quickly contact you by pressing a button. You may quickly prevent specific contacts from contacting you using WhatsApp Pink. The option to plan messages to be sent at a specified time is the best feature. In addition, automated responses are available.

Pink WhatsApp Features

Some critical features offered by this version of WhatsApp are listed below. For everyone looking for extra benefits, Pink WhatsApp is a distinctive and user-friendly WhatsApp software, thanks to a few features. Additionally, It would be almost impossible to obtain the ease adequately and features this software offers here. However, we are still working on writing all of this app’s features.

Download Deleted Material: 

In addition to the choice of repeatedly displaying missing media. The program enables you to read deleted messages from your contacts, and even media that the sender removed can be downloaded and saved to your smartphone for later viewing. You can download any missing media files to your smartphone as well.

Status Downloader:

As soon as we wake up every day, we check Whatsapp and the status updates sent by our contacts. Some acquaintances’ statuses catch our attention, and we want to watch them again or post them on our social media sites.

However, we are uncomfortable asking them to send us their status. The uploaded status of your friends must be downloaded through a third-party application, just like with the original WhatsApp. Additionally, the applications you install to obtain status updates may not always be secure enough for your mobile device.

Please get rid of the annoying scenario by using the built-in downloader to download the status of any contact and store it in your gallery.

Innovative Themes and Fonts:

There are many incredible theme designs available, and you can download new themes to add to your collection. However, you can change the default font to bubble-on or change the color of the font from black to any other color to merge with the background.

It is also conceivable to change the font’s style and color. You change the established fonts’ appearance to a bubble style and change their color from black to a shade that matches your background. Additionally, You can download fonts from the app online by going to settings and selecting what you want to use. You can alter the color and appearance of the fonts from the program in addition to changing the theme.

Multiple Options for Hiding

We are restricted to the default settings and unable to make any changes in the official app. Still, we have various customization options with Pink Whatsapp or any other mod. However, To entirely ghost our app activity, we can conceal a variety of options.

  • We don’t have to answer every contact because we can use the app freely and disguise our “online status.”
  • Before sharing received messages with others, remove the “forward tag” from them.
  • conceal the blue, or double tick,
  • erase any recordings or drafts
  • Blue-mic-hide option
  • Stop all incoming calls from anyone
  • Use a password to hide messages from the main screen.
  • Block any person from calling. Hide message from the main screen using a password

Scheduler for auto-replies and messages:

Set up a few messages for various scenarios that will be automatically delivered to your contacts when you are unavailable or occupied. Aside from. Activate the message scheduler setting, input your congratulations or other greetings, choose the day and time, and forget about the hassle of sending the message on time.

Moreover, Create and maintain automatic responses, which are helpful when you’re preoccupied with crucial work and your contacts are attempting to reach you. However, You can become punctual by sending communications that are scheduled.

Without your intervention, it will be delivered to the person you specified at the scheduled time and day. Ensure that Wi-Fi is timely available.

Multiple File Format Support

Forget sending videos that are just a specific size or only support a few file formats. Move the new video-sharing wizard to share videos of any format and size.

WhatsApp Lock:

You may lock WhatsApp by adding security features like a fingerprint, pattern, or PIN for increased security.

Copy Text

Directly copy the content from your friends’ status updates and paste it wherever you like on your mobile device. Furthermore, this is one of the philosophical aspects of this program because there aren’t many WhatsApp Modded applications that let you copy text status directly.

However, if you enjoy any picture your contact posted on the status, we take a short screen, just like the official app, but the caption can’t be copied.

Send Large Files:

We know that the original WhatsApp has a 16 MB file size restriction. Therefore, you cannot communicate huge files using WhatsApp’s original version. However, In contrast to WhatsApp’s original version, you may now communicate huge files with the aid of this program.

Data Format:

You can send any length of file or document with Pink WhatsApp. Send any file in any format without being restricted by file size. You can transfer files like mp4 and mp3 without worrying about their size or length. In contrast to some Modded versions of WhatsApp and the official WhatsApp, this WhatsApp allows you to increase the maximum video size that you won’t share.

Check out Hidden Last Seen:

You can not only enjoy the pink theme with this version of WhatsApp, but you will also gain a fantastic feature that allows you to view the secret last seen of your contacts. One of WhatsApp Pink’s most remarkable features is this one.

Hide typing and recording:

Even if you are typing or recording a voice note, WhatsApp will not reveal to anyone the status of your message writing and recording.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Pink APK File?

If you’ve read about Pink WhatsApp APK’s fantastic features and want to download it for Android devices but are unsure how to proceed, don’t panic. To help you with the installation, we are here. Some of the actions listed below must be followed to download this mod.

  • Launch a browser and type “Pink WhatsApp” into the search bar because the Google Play Store does not yet have this version of WhatsApp.
  • Go to the download page and click the Pink WhatsApp APK download option.
  • On your device, the WhatsApp Pink APK file will be downloaded.
  • Go to Security Settings under Android Settings.
  • The “Install programs from unknown sources” option should be enabled. (This procedure is required to install unidentified programs.)
  • To install the app on your phone, use the file manager and click on the downloaded file.
  • Open the Pink WhatsApp installed and begin using it after it is finished.

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