Og Whatsapp Download APK (Official) Latest Version 2023

A modified version of the well-known messaging app is called OG WhatsApp. To make users feel safer, OGWA offers them more security options, such as controlling who can view their profile pictures and status updates and contact them.

With features like self-destructive messages, anti-delete message & status functionality, hiding second & blue ticks, and other desirable and valuable features, OGWhatsApp 2023 is an emerging WhatsApp MOD, It offers its users straightforward, practical, and secure communication.

To give users more privacy and security, this Mod has additional features. Also, It is one of the top messaging apps available thanks to these features. The most recent update of OGWhatsApp includes new features as well. However, you can separate individual and Group chats into different tabs and lock and hide your chats.

Its package name differs from that of the official app. On the same device, two WA accounts can be used. Thanks to its dynamic themes, premade call interface, and DIY theme functionality, you can give it a new look every day.

Og Whatsapp Download APK

App NameOg Whatsapp
File Size56MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago



Its main features are the DND mode, Hide online status, Customization, and auto-reply feature. Moreover, All of these features operate faultlessly and without any issues. Also, The OG Whatsapp app’s developers are constantly updating it and adding new features.

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However, you will need to manually update this version because the Google Play Store neither supports nor approves it.

Send large files

The WhatsApp Arab app is fantastic for users because it is very functional for sending or sharing large files in various formats. However, you can’t do it with the original app. Currently, the mod app allows you to send 90 photos at once.

Small sized app

A small app for your devices, this one. It only takes up a little room on your Android, which would slow it down or make it unstable. Consequently, you can use it without being concerned.

Message Bomber

Og Whatsapp mod’s most used and well-liked feature is the message bomber. However, This feature allows you to quickly and easily send thousands of Whatsapp messages to any contact with just one click.

DND Mode

You can put this Whatsapp in flight mode by selecting the DND option. No calls or messages will be made to your Whatsapp account once this Mod is activated. Your Whatsapp account completely vanishes.

More Instant reaction elements:

You can use various chatting tools, such as emojis, emoticons, stickers, GIFs, and more. Moreover, You can quickly express your emotions, mood, and reactions.

Portable application

The most recent version of OG WhatsApp is a small mod for Android mobile devices. Due to its diminutive size, it only takes up a little memory on your mobile device. As a result, your device never slows down. Also, Every time you use your devices, it maintains stability and speed. Additionally, despite being a small app, it supports low-performance devices.

Multiple accounts:

You can create multiple accounts to serve your personal, business, and professional needs. Thus, there is no chance of mistaking the location or recipient of your communications.

Privacy Management:

You can protect your privacy by enabling several options in various areas of your app, such as hide online status, profile picture, about, freeze last seen, hide blue tick & double tick. However, You can keep your friends from knowing when you’re online.

Remove sluggish emojis.

Sometimes the emojis in your WhatsApp could be faster to respond, making the app challenging. You can quickly eliminate all these sluggish emojis in OG WhatsApp to improve communication.

Copy status

Copy your friend’s status from your OG WhatsApp and change it to reflect your current feelings if it does.

Long status

Long status in the official OG WhatsApp version is limited to 169 characters only. However, you can post a lengthy status of 256 characters in this modded version and use an unlimited number of status characters to express your emotions.

Duplicate two messages and schedules

When users copy and send two messages together in the official version of WhatsApp, they are irritated by the name and schedule that is written; however, in this modified version of WhatsApp.

you can quickly fix the name and schedule issue and send as many copied messages as you’d like. From our website, you can also like and download Whatsapp.

Auto Response

The automatic reply function of This Mod allows you to write a message that will be sent to everyone who messages you, even if you are unavailable.

What’s New in the Most Recent Version of OGWhatsApp?

  • new setting concept
  • new and original emojis
  • updated changelog
  • fixed Google Play and added stickers
  • the crash was fixed when we looked for themes

Numerous bugs and crashes have been fixed in the most recent version of OG WhatsApp. When we attempt to look for themes and add stickers from the play store, a crash occasionally happens.

But these crashes have been fixed in the most recent update. The base and set design of the OGWhatsApp app have also been updated. In this version, additional emojis are also accessible.

Pros Of OGWhatsApp

  • Call any previously unadded contacts.
  • Feature of Rooted Status-Download
  • Anti-Ban APK with pre-built messages
  • Block calls from a specific contact.
  • Send over 90 pictures.

Cons Of OGWhatsApp

  • The Play Store does not allow for its installation.
  • Data backup to Google Drive is not possible.
  • It differs from the official version, which could pose a security risk.
  • Works more slowly than WhatsApp, officially.
  • Sometimes, OGWhatsApp adjusts date errors may appear.

How To Download And Install Og Whatsapp?

Here are some simple instructions for downloading the WhatsApp apk:

  • Locate and click the “download WhatsApp” button on this page.
  • Watch for the OG WhatsApp download to complete.
  • Navigate to the Security Settings section of the Settings menu on your beloved device.
  • The “Allow Access to Unknown Sources” option can be found here, or you can grant WhatsApp access using the list that appears.
  • Now, you must select “Enable the og WhatsApp app.”
  • Locate and open the og WhatsApp file.
  • When the install WhatsApp button appears, click it.
  • The installation of WhatsApp was successful!

Download For PC

  • Look up Bluestacks, then download it to your computer as an excellent emulator.
  • Launch it.
  • Enter “og WhatsApp” into the search box.
  • Select the official WhatsApp app from the list, then click “install now.”
  • You can now begin using WhatsApp and all of its beautiful features!

Requirements and additional information:

  • Android 4.0.3 is the bare minimum operating system requirement.
  • You must enable “Unknown sources” in Settings>Applications before installing an app using an APK file.
  • This program is a modified version of the original application created by a third party independent of the owner or Malavida, neither of which has verified, validated, or given their approval for the latter. The user is solely responsible for downloading, setting up, and using this program; Malavida is not responsible for any consequences that may occur on your device. This version has no connection to Malavida, the company that created the modified app, or any of its trademarks.

Some Things To Know About Whatsapp

A few modifications have been made to the official WhatsApp version in OGWhatsApp to enhance the user experience. Moreover, It is not a Whatsapp-developed app; instead, it is a third-party app. Therefore, Despite not coming from an official source, the new OGWhatsapp version is safe and secure.

However, Your privacy won’t be compromised. However, since OG WhatsApp is a third-party app, we must take some precautions to safeguard ourselves from online dangers.

How to Export OG WhatsApp Chat?

The procedure is encrypted for safety and security. You can use a group or messenger to send the exported chat to your friends. You are reassured that you won’t lose your historical messages.

  • Visit the home page or user interface of the OGWhatsApp APK.
  • Now select the three dots option from the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Afterwards, several choices will appear. Select Setting.
  • Then select Chats from the menu.
  • Select Chat History from the list of choices below.
  • Hit the Export Chat
  • Out of your call or chat list, pick one person.
  • Choose from options like Gmail, Google Drive, and WhatsApp.

OG WhatsApp should be used as a backup account:

Use the account you use most frequently for business and essential tasks, your primary account. Also, You can now create a second account on OGWhatsApp that you can use for personal and informal communication. However, If any online threat occurs, the primary account has a lot of crucial data and business certifications that should be in the right hands.

How Do you create A Group On OG WhatsApp?

This app benefits significantly from the Group. Making group audio and video calls and using group chats allow you to connect and communicate with a certain number of people. Inviting people from your contact list can increase the number of members.

  • The participants are free to socialize and share anything they like.
  • Visit the OGWhatsApp APK’s user interface first.
  • On the home screen, click the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Tap the new Group now.
  • Your contact list will now appear. You can select several numbers from the list to create the Group.
  • Click on the arrow below to continue.
  • Enter your group name and select the checkmark; finally, the Group gets formed.

Do Not Overuse any features:

Although OG Whatsapp differs from the original version of WhatsApp, all your app activities still pass through their servers. Do not abuse any features. Also, Administrators from WhatsApp are constantly watching for illegal activity.

However, They might ban activities that offend their terms and conditions and privacy policy. Moreover, We advise you to avoid using any features and only to do the bare minimum.


OG Whatsapp APK is a stunning app that offers you many exciting and extra features that the original Whatsapp lacks. Although it is not the original version, it is still much better than the official one because it offers users more features that can be unlocked indefinitely and a better user experience.

download WhatsApp, a fantastic app that enables you to perform various tasks that the official WhatsApp app does not. So, if you want more features, download OG Whatsapp or give GBWhatsApp a try, then start taking advantage of its unique features. However,

You can download this APK app from the link below, as it cannot be installed from the Play Store. Therefore So, get this app as soon as you can.

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