NSWhatsapp 3D APK v9.46 Download Latest Version 2023

One of the most used apps worldwide is NSWhatsApp APK. It has been downloaded over 1 billion times and is regarded as the most popular messaging program.

Although it has many features with the official WhatsApp app, you’ll be surprised that it also offers many other unique features. NSWhatsApp is a well-known mod APK that plays a meaningful role in modifying the user interface and offers a wide range of privacy and security features. However, due to its unusual user interface formation, the mod is known as a 3D-styled edition.

Nswhatsapp apk

App NameNSWhatsApp
File Size56 MB
Last updated1 Day Ago


What is NSWhatsApp?

NSWhatsapp is a fresh and user-friendly WhatsApp mod that allows users to customize the app’s user interface. It also has an additional layer of security and privacy preservation. However, you may customize the contact icon and chat background using this amazing app.

You can choose from different colors and designs, stopping the need for additional programs. NSWhatsApp 3D is a WhatsApp mod that adds new Android program features to rescue our privacy or improve the user experience. Many features and capabilities not existing in the application’s stable version are available to the user in these modes.

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Additionally, this program is a modified version of WhatsApp. The authorized one can do everything, including conversing and creating, which is also possible. In terms of functionality and traits, it differs relatively. You’ll discover updated and brand-new features and capabilities that improve user comfort.

It also contains a ton of beautiful features that you will find interesting. This app gives you unlimited access to additional functions compared to recent apps.

Why Use NSWhatsApp 3D?

Compared to other modified applications like GBWhatsApp or YoWhatsApp, we can observe that they deliver more occasional options for changing the user interface and having more periodic functions overall.

You have the best possibilities in NSWhatsApp 3D to design your user interface from beginning to end, allowing you to adjust the application’s front and back end. Users who enjoy trying out fresh thoughts will enjoy this program. The following are the features of Nswhatsapp.

How To Install Any Whatsapp Mod APK

NSWhatsApp features

Unlike other mods, NSWhatsApp 3D delivers many features, but the best one is its Anti-ban feature, which prevents your account from being suspended (this is limited to multiple verifications).

However, This version of modded WhatsApp has specific capabilities in addition to the standard functionality of WhatsApp Plus. We’ve already noted how many additional features it has compared to other applications. However, Below is a list of the most recent features. It would be best if you read them before using them.

  • It has anti-ban features
  • Hide online status, ticks, and many more
  • Huge theme collection
  • Choose your fonts and style
  • Scheduler your message
  • It has a do not disturb mode
  • Get quick updated
  • No video sending size limit
  • Custom chat filter
  • Auto reply function

To get more features, you have to use it on your Android phone now.


WhatsApp privacy agencies do not restrict this app. However, The creators acknowledge that using this program on cell phones and other devices is the safest option. This app is unblockable. The WhatsApp privacy offices have no limitations on this application.


You may modify the Apk’s interface with NS WhatsApp’s various themes. This version offers a wide variety of themes that let you entirely transform the APK’s user interface. You may change the background of contacts, discussions, and icon images. For instance, you may use NS WhatsApp to change the symbol, the background of the chat and contacts, the colors, and the theme to your liking.

Although there are currently a lot of themes available for NS WhatsApp, you can easily download more themes to customize it. Although NS WhatsApp already has a ton of themes, you can easily download a ton more.


Many emoticons not included in the official WhatsApp are available in the APK download. You may give your friends a variety of new stickers, emoticons, and GIFs. Surprise them by differentiating your conversational approach from others.

Numerous Emojis in the Apk file are not present in the official WhatsApp. You can send various stickers, emojis, and GIFS that your pals haven’t seen. Surprise them by differentiating your conversational approach from others.

Automatic message replies:

You may easily schedule messages in NS WhatsApp. Choose the day and hour that you want to send the message. Following the addition of the data, the Apk file will immediately notify the user at the specified time. Users who use WhatsApp for business transactions will find this functionality quite beneficial.

This functionality is beneficial for users who use WhatsApp for business transactions. You can quickly schedule your emails using this add-on. Choose the date and time you wish to deliver the message, and that’s all. The APK file will automatically send the user a message when the information has been added at the designated time. This function is quite helpful for people who use WhatsApp for business transactions.

Altering the user interface:

The APK file for NS WhatsApp can be customized. It helps you modify the chat’s notification bar, app icon, and color. In this mode, each of these options is free.

Quick Updates:

Whenever it is online, this version of WhatsApp updates itself automatically. To upgrade NS WhatsApp, no formal procedures are necessary. You will receive the newest and most reliable features when the software is automatically updated.

Media Exchange

You can share audio files up to 20 MBs with the official WhatsApp app. You get the best feature of sharing audio files up to 300 MBs with NS WhatsApp. With this fantastic WhatsApp feature, you can easily transmit videos up to 1 GB in size.


The font options on your phone are numerous, but WhatsApp also has a wide selection of colors, patterns, and font sizes. Pick a favorite and develop a distinctive conversational style.

Status Video:

Only 30 seconds of video can be uploaded to the status in WhatsApp’s official version. If your video is longer than 30 seconds, you must break it into many brief bits and post each separately. 7-minute videos can be uploaded to WhatsApp without being segmented.

Safety & Privacy

The additional layer of security and privacy is the crucial component of the modified application. However, NS WhatsApp offers a variety of privacy settings. With this WhatsApp app, you may hide the status as well as blue ticks, white ticks, and even delivery reports.

With an additional fingerprint, pattern, or PIN, you may set an additional lock for your WhatsApp messaging app here. Moreover, Hide your last seen, status view, and online status. A lot of the time, you’ll see “typing” next to the user name you’re conversing with. You can quickly conceal this writing and prevent people from learning about you on NS WhatsApp.

Lock particular chats: 

You can lock particular chats in NS WhatsApp using passwords, patterns, or fingerprints. In this manner, you can hand over your phone to others without hesitation and maintain your chat’s privacy and security.

System Requirements

Android version 4.0.3 or later is needed. On both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones, it can be installed.

Backup & Restore

This functionality will be helpful if you frequently experiment with different modded WhatsApp applications. You can transfer a backup of your whole WhatsApp program to another modified WhatsApp using NSWhatsApp 3D’s backup and restore capability.

The themes that you have modified can also be backed up and restored. Additionally, synchronize and save the backup of your data to Google Drive.


For those who enjoy using modified Android apps and want to personalize them as they see fit, NSWhatsApp 3D is a complete solution. Additionally, all the features and options displayed in the NS WhatsApp base are valuable and unique. Other incredible features, such as chat and privacy mods, are also accessible.

By observing the instructions in the material, you can effortlessly download the file and use the best messaging app on your device. We can use NSWhatsApp 3D and the official WhatsApp or IOS WhatsApp on the same device. Therefore, you can freely download the latest NSWhatsApp 3D APK.

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