GioWhatsapp Apk (V8.50 Official) Download Latest Version 2023

One of the most well-liked and desired WhatsApp mods is GioWhatsApp. You are now in charge of your privacy and can exercise control over it. There are numerous options for data recovery or Gio WhatsApp data recovery.

You may now recover and save a backup in a folder containing your mobile device’s chats, call logs, images, and other items. If you’re unsure of what GIO WhatsApp is, it’s not a big deal because it’s only a modified version of the official WhatsApp.

This software has exceptional functionality for messaging that the official WhatsApp cannot offer. This is especially useful for folks who adore WhatsApp, can’t imagine their lives without it, and constantly wish their default chat program had additional features. However, along with Telegram and Signal, this is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp.

Most people are currently switching to those as mentioned above popular messaging programs, among which is Gio WhatsApp. Most users have now switched to other well-liked messaging apps; Gio WhatsApp is one of them. Utilizing dual hash sections, the recently viewed attribute, and the profile image, you can alter your appearance however you like.

CompatibilityAndroid 4.4+


Unique Features of Gio WhatsApp Download

  • Hide Audio and Call Button This
  • Feature Not Even More Than Singal Apk
  • Send Broadcast Message
  • Block Any Unknown Contact Number And Irritate Number, Then Hide Block Number
  • Send Largest Files Up to 100 MB
  • Set your WhatsApp Use Schedule Timings
  • When you Start Download Gio WhatsApp Account, Create You Create 2 Account
  • When you create a Group, You Video Call All your Friends in One Click
  • Create Unlimited WhatsApp Groups at Any Time

Gio whatsapp apk

Features of GIO WhatsApp

A Gio WhatsApp mod has a variety of functions. However, Check out Gio WhatsApp and its features if you don’t want the outdated and dull features of the official WhatsApp because it has exceptional features that the official WhatsApp lacks yet that you would like to have in a chat program.

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Gio WhatsApp was developed for this reason. Moreover, Gio WhatsApp is one of these applications that developers have created to add new features continuously. Among its attributes are the following:

Ban protection: 

Gio WhatsApp’s anti-ban protection is one of its best features. People frequently find themselves unable to use WhatsApp mods because they are blocked. They must also utilize the official WhatsApp. However, since Gio WhatsApp has an Anti-Ban protection feature, you won’t need to worry about it.

However, This can be useful for folks unable to utilize WhatsApp mods because of problems that could result in a ban. There is no need to use the official WhatsApp with the same old features because it already includes the anti-ban protection feature.

Hide buttons included: 

There are instances when you might want to hide specific buttons from your messaging apps, such as the call or voice recording buttons. The answer is no, of course. However, Gio WhatsApp makes it simple to do this, making it simple to conceal call or recording buttons.

Backup function: 

WhatsApp messages can easily back up and restore your using one of the well-known Mod apps, and you can also make new backups with this app just like you would with the standard WhatsApp.

Customizing user interface:

You may personalize your user interface with Gio WhatsApp effortlessly and without hassle, which is another perk. Does your official WhatsApp have a feature like that?

No! You can easily modify the font’s color, style, and size and make it transparent for an incredible experience, which you can use in no way in the official WhatsApp. It can only be used in Mod software like Gio WhatsApp, so don’t be surprised.

Custom privacy: 

Well, that is only a few steps away. It lets you know whether or not individuals close to you notice you, and you will undoubtedly enjoy this function. Moreover, You can easily prevent someone from knowing if you have seen their message by deactivating the double blue check or seen tick; however, don’t worry, you can view the blue check from your contact.

Copying made easier:

You can replicate someone else’s status without them knowing by touching on the status or any of the contacts from which you wish to copy the status. However, You may also copy lengthy chat messages by pressing and holding any message from a contact you want to copy for a long time.

Delete update dialogs: 

You can also remove the application’s updated dialogs using this feature of Gio WhatsApp.

How to download Gio WhatsApp?

You only need to adhere to the following instructions if you are wondering how to install GioWhatsApp on your Android phone:

  • First, create a backup of your WhatsApp conversations after downloading the APK file from Malavida.
  • Next, remove the original application from your computer.
  • The third step involves installing the new APK on your device.
  • Step four is to Log in to GioWA and retrieve your contacts’ chats after registering your phone number.

The official version must be uninstalled since Android considers the second software duplicate because it was created without authorization using the same app as a base.

Conditions and other details:

Android 4.0.3 is the bare minimum operating system required. The “Unknown sources” option must be depended on in Settings of Applications to install the program using the APK file. However, This program is a modified version of the authentic application created by a third detachment independent of the owner or Malavida, neither of which has vetted, validated, or approved the latter.

The user is exclusively responsible for downloading, setting up, and using this program; Malavida is not responsible for any consequences that may occur on your device. Moreover, This version holds no association whatsoever with Malavida, the actual creator of the modified program, or any of their brands.


WhatsApp is a very fantastic medium for sharing ideas and views. There is nothing comparable if you want to connect with your friends and family, but we still require more features that may not be there in the original WhatsApp. However, if you’re genuinely interested in using this WhatsApp MOD, utilize caution. Never use it with WhatsApp’s native app. Never give these third-party programs access to your private or sensitive information.

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