Fouad WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version Apk 2023

Fouad WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2023 is the popular modified variant of WhatsApp available on the internet. Its performance and experience are far better than the other Popular WhatsApp mods.

This WhatsApp mod has gained so much hype because of the privacy and security this WhatsApp mod provides also The Developers of Fouad Whatsapp Apk have added some extra features which are not available in Simple Whatsapp.

It is also has been developed for iPhone users so iOS users can also enjoy this WhatsApp mod. Below I have mentioned the basic information and file details about Fouad WhatsApp. Before downloading the file, read the mentioned data about Fouad’s Whatsapp.

Applicaton NameFouad Whatsapp
Application Size50.6 MB
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Android Requirement6.0 or Above
Latest VersionOne Day Ago
Downloads150 million
File Type Apk
Rating and Reviews4.1

You can Download Fouad Whatsapp Latest Version by clicking this Download button.


About Fouad Whatsapp APK

Fouad Whatsapp

Fouad Whatsapp is the modded version of Whatsapp, It has been developed by Fouad Mokdad. It is packed with Highly Advanced, Easily Customizable, High-End Privacy, and Advanced Security Features that official Whatsapp Doesn’t have. This is the most popular and called to be the most secure version of Whatsapp.

Fouad Mods has also developed other popular Whatsapp Mods Like Gb Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, SMWhatsapp, BT WhatsAppNA7 WhatsAppNA3 WhatsAppTM WhatsApp Apk, and  Yo Whatsapp. They also have similar features to Fouad Whatsapp, you will feel no difference using other mods of Fouad other than Different UI.

It’s easy to install and secure to use, We’ll provide you the direct download link without any survey link or Popping Ads.

What is Fouad Whatsapp & Why is it So Popular?

Fouad WhatsApp Apk is a modified popular version of Whatsapp, which is also called Fouad mods WhatsApp which has been modified by the most known developers FouadMODS.

It’s an Enhanced and improved version of the official WhatsApp. The latest version gives you the capability to change the Interface style and customize your chats with HD Wallpaper, Beautiful fonts, and stunning themes. It has the most secure App lock feature for your privacy protection with a customizable password.

With the recent Fouad Whatsapp update, you can send video files up to 700Mb and images up to 50MB without compromising image quality, Hide online status, message forwarding limit increased up to 250 contacts with one click, and many more amazing features.

Fouad Whatsapp 2023 version has gained so much popularity because of its features.

The official developers declared in the latest update that this WhatsApp-modded variant is no longer supported on Android Kitkat, only 5.0 or above Android versions are supported. After having tons of most advanced features, Fouad Mod WhatsApp’s size only is 52MB.

Overall, Like other popular Whatsapp Mods, this WhatsApp mod is more secure and easy to use. So I highly recommend downloading and using Fouad Mods Whatsapp, you will enjoy the interface and its features.

How to Download Fouad Whatsapp Apk on Android Phone?

If you try to download it normally, it may get you banned from the Security feature of the Google Play Store. Fouad Whatsapp New version is a modified version of Whatsapp and it is completely different from other stock applications.

If you have installed any security applications on your android phone, Firstly Uninstall/Delete Those applications, Security Applications won’t allow you to Download Fouad Whatsapp Apk on your Android phone. Nowadays, Popular Security Applications or Features can simply encounter Modified Applications and immediately block them.

No Need to worry, I’ll tell you how you can download the Fouad Whatsapp Apk Latest version safely on your Android phone. Just Follow the mentioned step below :

First Step: Tap on the Download Button “Fouad Whatsapp”.

Second Step: Once it starts downloading, Allow the “Unknown Sources” from the Mobile settings.

Third Step: The file has been downloaded.

Fouad Whatsapp has been downloaded Safely on your android phone, now install it by following the method mentioned below.

How do you Install Fouad WhatsApp Latest version on Android Phone?

The settings of Fouad Mod Whatsapp and Whatsapp are completely opposed and their directory files are also created separately. You can not use both on a single android phone, you will have to delete one of them. If you want to install Fouad WhatsApp you will have to Copy all your data and migrate to New Fouad Whatsapp Apk.

Well, I will tell you how to migrate your data without losing it, just follow the steps below:

1st Step: Turn on Unknown resources from settings and Don’t delete Whatsapp.

2nd Step: Go to My Files > Downloads > Open recently downloaded Fouad Whatsapp.

3rd Step: Install the Application.

4th Step: Go to your App Drawer and Open Fouad Whatsapp.

5th Step: Now you will see “Copy Whatsapp Data” below the “Enter your Phone No” Box, Press it. It will copy all the data from Whatsapp to Fouad Whatsapp including images, conversations, settings, and Display pictures.

6th Step: Enter your Phone No and Verify it.

7th Step: After getting verified, You will be asked to restore the backup. This is the second method of data migration. We have used another method so skip it.

8th Step: Now Enter your Profile name and Display Picture, Press on continue. Now the initialization method of Fouad Whatsapp will get started and it will redirect you to the homepage.

Congratulation, you’ve safely migrated your Data to New WhatsApp

Fouad Whatsapp Features

Fouad WhatsApp Features

This Fouad Whatsapp 2023 version is packed with tons of outstanding features. You will be able to customize your chats, privacy, and security. I highly recommend you to use each one mentioned after installing, you will love it.

  • Who can call you? – This is a newly added privacy feature. You should use this feature if you get annoyed by anyone on WhatsApp. You can select who can call you with help of this feature. The default setting of Fouad WhatsApp allows you to receive calls from everyone. With the “Who can call me “ feature you can change this to “My Contacts, My Contacts except, Select Contacts, Nobody. If you choose Nobody you won’t be able to receive calls from anyone.
  • Hide Status View: This feature helps you view anyone’s story anonymously without showing your name on their story.
  • Show Blue Tick After Reply: This feature won’t show a blue tick after sending messages until you reply to them.
  • Anti Delete Message: An awesome Privacy chat feature, If someone sends you a message on Fouad Whatsapp Apk and they delete it immediately it will not get erased from your Fouad Whatsapp. Most Fouad Whatsapp users use this Awesome Feature.
  • You can also view “view-once” Images or Videos for unlimited time without any restriction.
  • You can Freeze your Last seen status
  • Fouad WhatsApp Apk also has a built-in themes store named FWThemes, you can customize your Whatsapp with your creativity.
  • Removes Forwarded tags from every of your forwarded messages
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Fouad Whatsapp has a built-in Top Notch Security App-Lock with Pattern, PIN, and Password.
  • Recovery Options are also available if you forgot your Pattern, PIN, or Password.
  • You also can change Voice-Notes playing shades.
  • After downloading Fouad Whatsapp Apk New version, can change the Foundation style for the screen.
  • You can also change the Sent message Shades.
  • You can edit Forward symbol shading.
  • HSV Shading is also available.
  • The Fouad Whatsapp Latest version is better optimized than the Official Whatsapp.
  • Anti-Ban.
  • It sends video files up to 700MB.
  • Send Images up to 50Mb without Reducing image quality.
  • You can send a message to anyone without saving their phone number.
  • Built-in Airplane Mode, easily turns on/off with one click.
  • Dark Mode.
  • Restart the WhatsApp feature.
  • Built-in Personalized Widgets.
  • Freeze Last seen feature.
  • Group Feature.
  • Message broadcast feature.
  • Font Styles.
  • Change Notification Icon.
  • Hide Media from Gallery.
  • Easily Backup and Restore.
  • Different App Languages.
  • You can also change Story styles.

These are the latest version features and improvements.

Fouad Mods Whatsapp Features Explained

Fouad WhatsApp Features

Security Features

  • Whatsapp Lock – You should use Whatsapp Lock to protect your privacy chats from others. It’s Highly Advanced and has Top-Notch security features. You can create your own Password, PIN & Pattern. A recovery password feature is also available if you accidentally forgot your password. It comes with full customization such as you can make the pattern invisible and disable pattern vibration. It’s also called the Initial App Lock. With this Fouad Whatsapp Security Feature, no one will get to know what password/pin you have set.

This feature is a high-end security feature and no one can hack your Fouad WhatsApp or Open your chat without the password.

Privacy Features

  • Disable Forwarded -This is one of the most used privacy features of Fouad Whatsapp that removes forwarded tags. You may have seen that if someone sends a forwarded message to you, it automatically gets tagged as a Forwarded Message. With this Fouad Whatsapp feature, you can remove the tag and send messages without any tag.
  • Who can call you? – I love this feature personally and It helps me to get rid of annoying calls. With this feature, you can set who can call you. By default settings on Fouad Whatsapp, everyone can call you and contact you. This feature gives you an option to change who can call you. You can get Three Options, 1. My Contact, 2. My Contact Except, 3. Nobody. If you choose Nobody, Nobody can disturb you.
  • Show Blue Ticks After Reply – If you turn on this feature, Your contact will see a blue tick only if you do reply to them.
  • Anti Delete Message –  The most loved feature of Fouad Whatsapp User. You will be able to read every deleted message if that was deleted immediately after being sent to you. That’s actually why everyone loves and uses this feature most.
  • Hide Status View – This feature helps you watch anyone’s story anonymously without showing your name. This is a status privacy feature of Fouad Whatsapp.
  • Anti View Once – You can watch “View-Once” images/videos for unlimited time without any penalty.
  • Freeze Last Seen – This is also one of the most used features of Fouad Whatsapp. With the help of this feature, you can freeze your last seen. Your contacts only can see the status when you are online.

So these are the Fouad Whatsapp Update Privacy features.


  • Backup and Restore: Fouad Whatsapp has its built-in advanced backup and restores feature.
  • Hide Media From Gallery: If you do have not enough space to download received media from Fouad Whatsapp, You should use this feature. With this feature, you disallow the Fouad WhatsApp to save any received media in the gallery.
  • Colors: If you want to change the colors of any element in Fouad Whatsapp, With this feature you can change the colors of multiple elements such as Background, Chat Background, Status Bar, Navigation Bar, and many more. This feature comes under the Universal Feature of Fouad Whatsapp.
  • Style: This feature has many options like Fonts, Emojis, Launcher Icons, and Notification Icons. You change the Look and Feel of your Fouad WhatsApp with this feature.

Universal settings are not as much enhanced as Security and Privacy Features. These were all the Fouad Whatsapp Latest version Features.


  • Download YoThemes – In Fouad Whatsapp, you can download your favorite themes because it has a built-in theme store.
  • Load Themes – You can use this feature if you want to upload and install your  Whatsapp theme formatted in (.xml).

So these were Styling features of Fouad Whatsapp V9.1.1.

Fouad Whatsapp Latest Version v9.52 Change Log

In the Recent update of Fouad Whatsapp v9.11, there are some changes and improvements which have been implemented for better user experiences, you can read the changelog below :

Fouad Whatsapp Latest Version v9.11 Change Log
Base Has been Updated
Anti-View feature [FIXED]
The backup feature is available now
Contact name color not been taking on the status and call [FIXED]
Send images in Higher Resolution [FIXED]
Crashing [FIXED]
Bugs [FIXED]
Improvement in Smoothness [FIXED]
Latest Version:
Released Date : (1/16/2022)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad Whatsapp is a Modded Whatsapp variant by Fouad Mods. It has some extra and amazing security features that are not available in WhatsApp messenger

How to update Fouad Whatsapp?

We provide the Fouad Whatsapp latest version with one click download without any survey or pop-up.

Is Fouad Whatsapp safe to use?

Yes, It is 100% safe and secure to use.

Is Fouad Whatsapp legal?

Yes, It is 100 % legal. the officials follow all the rules and regulations.

Final Words

Overall, Fouad Whatsapp Apk is the most awesome and Interesting Whatsapp mod which is easy to use. The features and Interface are very fascinating which can be very helpful for the daily WhatsApp user. I’ve also used GB Whatsapp but the Fouad Whatsapp remains at its best because of the stunning features.

I hope you got the information for Fouad Whatsapp Apk. If you have anything to ask further you can let me know in the Comment section and I will get back to you As soon as possible.

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