Fouad Whatsapp Banned? – Is it Safe to Use?

Is Fouad Whatsapp Banned? No, The Fouad Whatsapp apk is not banned and it is 100% ban free as it has the built-in anti-ban feature.

In recent times official WhatsApp began to ban the users which were using modded variants of WhatsApp like Fouad WhatsApp, SM WhatsApp, and EF WhatsApp as Whatsapp was losing users because modded variants of WhatsApp provide extra features than official WhatsApp. It is not banned in any country and it is 100% ban-free and safe to use.

The Official Developer Fouad Whatsapp is following all the legal rules for developing such types of modded WhatsApp variants.

With its built-in anti-ban feature gives you an opportunity to use Whatsapp in a restricted country. if you live in a country where WhatsApp servers can not work properly and are banned then you may consider using this anti-ban feature of Fouad WhatsApp.

Fouad Whatsapp Banned?

If you have not installed Fouad Whatsapp Apk on your phone you can download the latest version by clicking the download button below.

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