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CooCoo WhatsApp

There are many modified versions of the original WhatsApp with additional features, and CooCoo WhatsApp is one of these versions. It is ideal for people tired of using plain chatting formats and themes.

Here you control everything from wallpaper to text style without paying any charges. These premium features are completely free.

CooCoo WhatsApp apk

Furthermore, CooCoo WhatsApp users get pre-designed home themes. You can choose each feature separately if you are extra picky or apply a pre-designed theme in one click. Also, you can use pictures from your gallery as wallpaper. However, this is not the only highlighted feature of this application.

CooCoo WhatsApp has so many unique features to provide the best privacy conditions. If you want to boost your chatting experience, this is what you need.

CooCoo WhatsApp Features

App name CooCoo WhatsApp
App version 21.0
Downloads 5,000,000+
Compatibility Android 4.0+
App Size 43 MB
Main Task Theme customization option and multiple secret features
Developer Technology

1. Extended WhatsApp Status

In the original WhatsApp, you can only share a 30-second status, which sometimes cannot cover the video length you want. Therefore, you have to share each part one by one, which takes a lot of time. However, with this fantastic modified version of WhatsApp, you can easily share status for longer than 30 seconds.

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2. Hide Online Status

Sometimes, you find yourself in a no talking mood but have to work on WhatsApp. At this time, an online WhatsApp status makes your friend send messages. So, no reply with online status can be rude. Here, CooCoo WhatsApp saves you with its hide online status feature. You can turn this mode on for an unlimited time.

3. 700 Characters in a Status Text

When you share some excellent lines on your status, the regular WhatsApp deletes the words because of the low character option. But here, you can write text with 700 characters. If you want to say a lot, CooCoo WhatsApp is for you.

4. Status Saver

It is awkward to ask your friend to send a status you like. Even sometimes, you cannot ask for it because the next person has no such bond with you. In this case, the status saver in CooCoo WhatsApp does the task in a single click. Leave this embarrassment behind by downloading this fantastic option.

5. Disable Message Readout Status

You need this application if you want to read texts without letting the other person know about it. With this, you can disable readability status, i.e., check blue, gray, and tick. The next person will only know the actual status once you reply.

6. Anti-Delete Message

Original WhatsApp has new delete message features. Previously it was for a few minutes, but now people can remove messages even after a day. But if you want to know everything and don’t want to let the next person delete his/her messages, this is what you should download to your device.

Benefits of CooCoo WhatsApp

1. Dual WhatsApp

Sometimes single WhatsApp cannot fulfill all your social needs, and original WhatsApp lets you use only one WhatsApp on a cell phone. In contrast, CooCoo WhatsApp is a complete game changer. With this, you can use two WhatsApps simultaneously. So, you don’t have to buy two mobiles; using two WhatsApps on a single device saves you money.

2. Security

This application has built-in security options to keep your data safe. Suppose you don’t want anyone to access your personal information. In that case, you can lock it by using the pattern or pin option. Moreover, you can freeze the readability option and hide the online status. This way, you can set your boundaries and allow people to know limited about you.

3. Theme Shop

If you are a person who doesn’t want to do things from scratch, you can use a theme shop to access hundreds of unique themes. You can use all available themes without any premium tag. If you like a theme, just click on apply, and you are good to go.

4. Theme Shop for Incoming Calls

I am pretty sure that you never hear about incoming call themes. But in CooCoo WhatsApp, you get this feature to make every WhatsApp experience enjoyable. There are multiple themes for incoming calls; you can pick one according to your personality without paying any charges.

5. Light and Stable

Unlike other applications, this is a very light tool. Due to its small size, it keeps running your phone smoothly without casting any burden on RAM. So if you don’t want to let applications ruin your chatting experience, this is a perfect option for you.

How To Download and Install CooCoo WhatsApp?

CooCoo WhatsApp download is so easy and takes a few minutes. If you want to install this application without facing any issues, follow these guidelines. In case you fail to do this, check the steps you follow, as skipping any step can ruin the whole process, so pay attention.

Step1: Download the APK

Scroll the page up and down to find the given download button. Once you find it, click on it to download the APK package. You will never see this application on the play store because this is a modified version.

Step 2: Have Your Second Number Ready

Suppose you want to keep using the original WhatsApp. In that case, you need a second number, as running two WhatsApps on a single number is impossible. In this case, use another number for login. However, suppose you are downloading this as a replacement. In that case, using the previous number automatically removes the account from the original WhatsApp.

Step 3: Run the CooCoo WhatsApp APK installation

Install the application by clicking on the downloaded file. It will take a few seconds to end the installation process. If the installation process fails, go to the security option of your mobile to allow installation from unknown resources. After this, try again, and this time it will indeed work.

Step 4: Log in to CooCoo WhatsApp

After successful CooCoo WhatsApp download and installation, open the application. Now add your number and keep filling in the required information. Lastly, the application sends the OTP to your number; you don’t have to copy and paste it. The application automatically fetches the code, and it is ready to use. Now set the theme and start chatting with your family and friends.


Will I get banned for using CooCoo WhatsApp?

No, there are no such issues with CooCoo WhatsApp because it has an Anti-ban mode. Also, this is just a modified version of WhatsApp and does not violate any privacy terms. So, you can keep using this interesting application without worrying about getting banned. It is entirely legal to use CooCoo WhatsApp.

Can CooCoo WhatsApp be used on an iOS device?

Unfortunately, this application comes in the APK package, which is not allowed in iOs devices. You can freely use it on Android devices, but this is different with an iOs device.

How to update CooCoo WhatsApp?

There are no hard and fast rules or methods to update CooCoo WhatsApp. The best way is to keep checking the official page of CooCoo WhatsApp or the site you use to download this application. If you find any new version, download it as you have before.

Is it safe to use CooCoo WhatsApp?

Yes, it is completely safe to use this modified version of WhatsApp. There is no complaint in terms of privacy and security from any user. Therefore, keep using this worth-having application and enjoy all its amazing features without any worries.

Can I use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device?

Yes, the dual account feature of CooCoo WhatsApp lets you use two WhatsApps simultaneously. This feature helps you enjoy better socialization without any restrictions. However, you cannot use two WhatsApps on a single number but on different numbers in a single android.


It is human nature to look for a change, and CooCoo WhatsApp is an exciting change in the world of chatting. The original WhatsApp fails in front of its hundreds of home, chat, and incoming call themes. Also, after the CooCoo WhatsApp download, you get control over your online status and message readability status. You can download any WhatsApp status with a single click.

The CooCoo WhatsApp lets you change the font and wallpaper by using a theme shop without paying anything. You have to download the APK package, and you can use all the fantastic features without paying a penny. If you want to enjoy eye-catching themes and so many privacy features, click on download and get one for yourself.

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