BT WhatsApp APK Download Official Latest Version 2023

An additional authorized WhatsApp mod built on WhatsApp Plus is called BT WhatsApp. We’re excited to announce that the BT WhatsApp apk download is now available.

However, This version of WhatsApp includes several new features and improvements. Users of this BT WhatsApp can access various unique features not found in the original WhatsApp.

Also, the BT WhatsApp application’s unique aesthetics and design contribute to its rising popularity. You must read the entire article here to learn more about BT WhatsApp. You can send your contacts audio, video, and photo files.

Additionally, the app provides end-to-end encryption for all communication. Although the app is unavailable on the Google Play Store, you can download the BT WhatsApp apk from our website. The official app features are all in this version, plus a few extras.

App NameBT WhatsApp
File Size
58.2 MB
Android 5.0 or above
Last Updated 1 Day Ago


What is BT WhatsApp?

The original WhatsApp has been replaced with WhatsApp BT. Each carries out the same task as the original with an extra number.

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Furthermore, BT WhatsApp has recently gained popularity because it includes features like saving your friends’ statuses and hiding your online status, which is not available in the original WhatsApp.

The forwarding arrow is also a new icon that indicates a message has been forwarded and is now not displayed by BT WhatsApp when you do so.

You will have more context for the messages you receive as a result. We genuinely hope you adore these brand-new additions! Read below to learn how to download BT WhatsApp and the newest BT WhatsApp downloads 2022 updates.

Bt Whatsapp Features

If you want to use BT WhatsApp on your Android device, you need to know these features:

Use Multi-Accounts

While running two instances of WhatsApp on the same device, regular WhatsApp has the same features as AR WhatsApp. Neither profile needs to be deleted, and both are easy to access and manage.

Bt Whatsapp Apk’s Airplane Mode

While in airplane mode, send WhatsApp messages to your BT contacts. Managing the blocked contact list is simple, thanks to the user interface similar to Apk WhatsApp. Additionally, established Android phones can use Whatsapp Bt.

Enable Automatic Response

The Bt Whatsapp Download feature allows you to schedule when you want your messages to be sent. Whatsapp Bt is ideal for working specialists and busy students who may have missed a note.

Place calls without keeping a phone number.

You may send messages to previously unsaved numbers with the BtWhatsApp Apk. Before dialing or messaging an unknown number in the previous edition, you had to save the phone number.

Vibration and silent modes

To receive new messages while in Silent mode, you can turn on or off the ringing tone, vibration warning, and LED movement light.

Advanced Privacy Features

A critical detail of WhatsApp Nbt is privacy. You may hide your online identity and last-seen status in texts and conversations with the Best WhatsApp BT.

  • Disable chats

Using the “hidden chats” feature, you can chat on your desktop or mobile messaging app, which is invisible from the main screen. The conversation will still be accessible by swiping left or right in the chat list.

Pros and cons of BT WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp is a fantastic messaging service with many features, but it also has some drawbacks. Let’s examine WhatsApp’s benefits and drawbacks.


  • There are no subscription costs so WhatsApp can be downloaded and used without any charges.
  • Anyone using these operating systems and installing WhatsApp can send messages to you.


  • WhatsApp has a 16MB limit for photos and videos. And for audio files, it has a 128KB limit. This can be frustrating if you want to send high-quality images or videos.

Installation Requirements

The requirements for installing the BT WhatsApp APK are as follows:

  • Cell phone or Android device.
  • BT WhatsApp’s wifi

The Installation Guide

Here is the complete guide with the help of which you can install your BT WhatsApp app on your Android device:

  • Uninstall the Original version of WhatsApp.
  • Allow apps from unknown sources and all necessary permissions.
  • From any trusted third-party website or the link provided in this article,
  • Install the BT WhatsApp APK file.
  • Complete the blank fields.
  • Your brand-new BT WhatsApp is now accessible.

What’s New in BT WhatsApp’s Most Recent Version

  • New iPhone fonts are included in the BT WhatsApp latest version.
  • You may stop and start playing sound notes.
  • By using a new User Interface (UI) design, it offers your WhatsApp a fresh appearance.
  • You can save media to your phone gallery when media visibility is disabled.
  • A green circle will show your online contacts for easy identification.
  • You can also stop downloading stuff.
  • With BTWhatsApp, you can quickly forward messages to 1000 members at once.


BT WhatsApp is an excellent alternative to the regular WhatsApp messenger app. It offers features not available on regular WhatsApp, such as hiding your online status, scheduling messages, and more. This was all about BT WhatsApp.

However, The most valuable item about this version is that four different versions are available in different colours. Also, You can choose BT WhatsApp in your favourite colour. Also, You can select the media of your choice to download in your phone gallery.

For your comfort, you can get the latest version of BTWhatsApp on your phone from here. BT WhatsApp is worth checking out if you’re looking for an app with more customization options and privacy controls.

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