AG WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version V31 2023

AG WhatsApp is a WhatsApp variant similar to GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. The App has various privacy features like allowing specific contacts for WhatsApp calls, hiding Blue ticks, second ticks, viewing status, etc. however, It has several customization options that let users customize their WhatsApp from head to toe.

This altered WhatsApp comes in different variants like AG (Blue), AG2 (Pink), and AG3WhatsApp (Green), NOWhatsAppCyber WhatsAppWhatsApp MASMWhatsApp ApkNA8 WhatsApp. Don’t get confused! They all are the same. Also, You can download any variant and enjoy all its features for a better experience. Earlier, this WhatsApp variant had some bugs, but the recent Update has removed all the bugs and fixed many issues in the App.

Because of their flaws and annoying nature, only a few modified versions of official WhatsApp released on the market can be recommended. Users may encounter banned issues in some modified versions, while irritating features may hinder it in others.

But thanks to the AG Whatsapp apk, which has been tested for safety and usability and is free of all such issues.

AG WhatsApp APK

App NameAG WhatsApp
Android Requirement4.1+

Last Updated1 Day Ago


AG WhatsApp Best Features 2023

The following are the features of AG WhatsApp:

Lock WhatsApp

You can lock WhatsApp with a pattern, PIN, or fingertip; click on the top at AGWhatsApp, and then choose how you want to lock your AG WhatsApp 2023.

Disable Forward Tag

After the new Update of WhatsApp, whenever we forward a message, a tag appears with it. But now, if you forward a message from this App, you can easily remove the forward flag, which will not be shown in the message.

Single Tick

This App also allows playing a single tick. This means that if the message is delivered to you and you read it, it will always show the same sign on the other side as the person who sent you the message.

Multiple Privacy Options

Avoid all of your privacy concerns with the App and enjoy fool-proof privacy and secure chatting with your friends and family. You can avail following privacy options;

  • Hide your online and last-seen status from your friends.
  • Share received messages with others while removing the ‘forward tag’ from the messages.
  • Live in a ghosting position and watch the status of others without knowing them.
  • Hide blue or double ticks.
  • Hide typing or recording option.
  • Hide your contact name, and only the profile picture will be shown.

Lock chats

In default WhatsApp, you can archive and hide chats. But here in the AGWhatsApp app, you can not only archive the chats, but you can also lock and hide them so that no one can see those chats. Also, You can access it incognito, and WhatsApp will not notify you of any new messages unless you go to the Incognito section.

AGWhatsApp Backup

This feature is an important feature you can find in Official WhatsApp, but the most version of WhatsApp Plus doesn’t provide a Backup. The developer, Asim, found a way to back up without needing Google Drive by having the Backup saved on your phone. To do that, go to Adds, then Chat Backup.

Navigation Button

With the navigation button, you can move between chats without the need to go back to the main interface.

How To Update  AG WhatsApp from your phone?

Users can easily update the latest version of this App by using the button on this page. Keep in mind that don’t delete the old version of AG WhatsApp from your phone. Otherwise, you can face the loss of some crucial chats and data. So, download its latest version and tap on Update to get the new features of this App.

Some New Updates in AG WhatsApp’s latest version

  • Now, you can react to the messages with any emoji; click on the Icon.
  • Ghost Mode for calls in which it will show the other user that you’re not connected to the internet.
  • Modified Icon to download the profile picture.
  • Also, you can check the person who has blocked your contact from WhatsApp.

Let’s move towards the features of AG WhatsApp, which will increase your interest in downloading this App. Also, we will explain their using method and changes.

How to Download and Install AG WhatsApp on Android?

  1. Find the latest file of this App on google.
  2. When you find the site, then go to the download button.
  3. Click on it. AG WhatsApp APK file will be downloaded in your files.
  4. Open your device’s file manager and locate this file.
  5. An “Install” button will appear on your screen when you open the file.
  6. Just click on this button and create an AG WhatsApp account.
  7. If you already have this App, the “Update” button will appear instead of the “Install” button.


We hope you can download the AGWhatsApp app from this page. Many apps like AGWhatsApp are available out there, but this App comes with all the advanced features one can ask for in the WhatsApp application. The App not only offers extra WhatsApp features but also gives you a chance to use multiple WhatsApp on the same phone. You can use this WhatsApp mod along with the official WhatsApp.

However, This App has many Privacy features, customization options, and security features. Still, it comes from a third-party developer, and you can rely on it. Hence, download the App at your own risk. Also, if you know something about the AGWhatsApp app that we’ve missed in this post, then let us know so we can enclose that details in the post for others to know.

However, If you want more control over Whatsapp, try this AG WhatsApp. Also, It has many other valuable features. You can find all of them after downloading the App. So please don’t wait and Download it now.

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