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Adam WhatsApp is a very well-liked and emerging whatsapp mod in this whatsapp world world. However, This is the only WhatsApp Mod that has overtaken its popularity by his unique name.

Adam WhatsApp was developed by an Arab developer as a modified version of the official WhatsApp app.

Aadum WhatsApp comes in two versions: AD WhatsApp Black and AD WhatsApp Brown. Further, this mod includes several extra features so that users can benefit from improved features and increased privacy.

This app’s privacy features are powerful because users can control who can view their profile pictures, status updates, and calls.

Adam WhatsApp apk

Last UpdatedAdam WhatsApp
Android Required4.0+
Last Updated1 Day Ago


Features of Adam WhatsApp APK

There are many mind-blowing features in this Adam WhatsApp Apk that people need. You can download and access all these features for free.

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Form a group with unlimited members

You can invite 350+ people to join the group using this app. While using audio and video calls to communicate with the group’s members is a great opportunity.

Video Limit

You can manually set your video sending cap from the settings to 700 MB.

Group call

You don’t need to be concerned about your group call’s other limitations when you add as many participants as you like.

Cover/Freeze Last Seen

You can also hide and freeze your last seen on Adam Whatsapp mod. If you want to appear offline while online, you can freeze your last seen by selecting the “freeze last seen” function.

Portable application

When using Adam WhatsApp Apk your device never slows down. Also, Every time you use your devices, it maintains stability and speed. Additionally, despite being a small app, it supports low-performance devices.

Multiple accounts

You can create multiple accounts to serve your personal, business, and professional needs. Thus, there is no chance of mistaking the location or recipient of your communications.

Whatsapp Status Downloader

The Whatsapp mod includes a status downloader that enables you to quickly download the Whatsapp statuses of your loved ones into your phone’s gallery. You no longer need to download WhatsApp statuses using any other apps.

Dark Mode

You can easily enable or disable the dark mode from the application’s settings whenever possible.

DND Mode

You can put this Whatsapp in flight mode by selecting the DND option. Therefore, No calls or messages will be made to your Whatsapp account once this mod is activated. Your Whatsapp account completely vanishes.

Media caption copy

You can copy the images and videos your friends share with you using this mod of WhatsApp.

Auto Response

The automatic reply function of this mod allows you to write a message that will be sent to everyone who messages you, even if you are unavailable.

Theme for iPhone

Download Adam WhatsApp Brown and change the theme if you prefer the iPhone theme and want an iOS-style WhatsApp. However, Both FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold iOS feature the iPhone theme, so if you enjoy WhatsApp with an iPhone theme, you’ll adore them.

Additional features of Adam Whatsapp

  • WhatsApp Status Save.
  • Cover up your Whatsapp status.
  • Run multiple instances of WhatsApp on the same device.
  • Hide last seen and online status.
  • Conversations can be hidden from chats.
  • WhatsApp can be secured using a pin, pattern, or fingerprint.
  • Only disable the internet for WhatsApp, Adam.
  • Never delete a friend’s message.

Advantages of Adam WhatsApp

  • Downloadable updates are available right away.
  • This version of the Apk is stable and does not crash.
  • The installation bugs were fixed.
  • Modify the emoji style to match Facebook or the iPhone.
  • Numerous different Arabic fonts are supported.
  • Options for hiding the gallery’s multimedia.
  • A section devoted to the holy Quran was added.

Disadvantages of Adam WhatsApp

  • Currently, This WhatsApp mod Adam WhatsApp doesn’t have any disadvantage and this is the reason it has been emerging in WhatsApp mods World.

How To Change The Phone Number Of The Adam WhatsApp?

The most straightforward procedures for changing Adam’s WhatsApp phone number are as follows:

  • Tab on the three dots in the top right corner of the home screen when the Adam WhatsApp APK is open.
  • After that, tap on Setting.
  • Now select Account from the menu.
  • Then select Change Number from the menu.
  • Select Next from the list below.
  • Enter your country code along with your old and new phone numbers.
  • Click Next once more.
  • To change the mobile phone number, click Done.


A copy of WhatsApp Plus, called Adam Whatsapp, was created. Furthermore, the security of your data cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, always exert caution when using this kind of fun app. Thus, WhatsApp will probably ban your Account.

Use the app accordingly. However, Adam Whatsapp is ultimately just a modified version of the original WhatsApp, and it offers a ton of features that are entirely free and absolute. To get it free, scroll up and tap the download button.

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