WhatsApp Channels With Directory Search, Reaction Support Rolling Out to 150 Countries, Including India

WhatsApp Channels With Directory Search, Reaction Support Rolling Out to 150 Countries, Including India

WhatsApp Channels With Directory Search and Reaction Support Rolling Out to 150 Countries, Including IndiaUsers in India and other nations are starting to receive WhatsApp Channels So, the newest feature of the Meta-owned messaging app designed to boost engagement on the network

. These channels, intended as a one-way broadcast tool, let users exchange updates with numerous other WhatsApp users. So, Viewers can look up a track by their preferred brand, celebrity, or content producer in a directory. The channel owner’s messages will be able to elicit responses from members.

Including India

The messaging platform owned by Meta revealed on Wednesday that WhatsApp Channels are now available to users in 150 countries, including India.So In the upcoming weeks, all users should be able to access the feature, which was earlier this year in development.

Users can subscribe to the official WhatsApp Channel to get updates on the network, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Meta co-founded. So Instagram already supports similar functionality, and users of Telegram, a competing network, may join one-way broadcast channels. So WhatsApp Channels With Directory Search,

On iOS and Android smartphones, a new tab called Updates will appear. Where WhatsApp Channels are presented. The most recent WhatsApp Channels feature and WhatsApp Status messages are available on this tab. Users can view popular channels based on follower count (S0, most active), and now on WhatsApp, they can access an updated directory filtered based on their country.

Users with a valid invite link can join WhatsApp Channels. To protect user privacy, the software will not reveal the user’s phone number or the identity of the channel creator. Members can’t see who else has joined the same track, and the channel owner will need access to their phone numbers.

Corporation says

Sent through WhatsApp: The channels will be visible for 30 days, the corporation says. Channel members can react to shared notices that have not been replied to. End-to-end encryption is not applied to messages broadcast over a channel

l. According to WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption will continue to protect all other types of communication, including direct messages, and group chats. So calls.status updates, and attachments.

The Indian Cricket Team and famous people who have all made channels on the app, like Diljit Dosanjh, Neha Kakkar, and Katrina Kaif, We have all worked with Meta to promote the feature and increase engagement with the new WhatsApp Channels feature. So, WhatsApp will let any user build a channel in the upcoming months.So WhatsApp Channels With Directory Search,

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