Meta caves to EU pressures with an apparent Cross-platform messaging feature for WhatsApp

Meta caves to EU pressures with an apparent Cross-platform messaging feature for WhatsApp


Meta caves to EU pressures with an apparent Cross-platform messaging feature for WhatsApp. The third-party chat part, a new addition to WhatsApp, is currently under development.

According to reports, it encourages interoperability by enabling users to transmit messages to platforms other than WhatsApp.

As designated gatekeepers, it follows the EU’s listing of Meta, Apple, Microsoft, and other businesses.

Digital Markets

The corporations must adhere to the Digital Markets Act’s rule within six months, and Meta has already started the process.

. I recently compiled a list of improvements that would turn WhatsApp into the ideal Windows messaging program.

. Currently, Meta is developing the ‘third-party chats’ feature for WhatsApp..’

This enigmatic feature is supposedly “under development” and will be accessible in a “future update,” according to WABetaInfo. However, it is unknown when it will be released for general usage. Once it’s available, people can communicate with others on other

. This development comes almost a week after the EU Commission named six businesses, including Alphabet, Meta, Microsoft, and others, as authorized gatekeepers. cross-platform messaging

Essential platform services

offered by the six platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram from Meta, LinkedIn from Microsoft, and other platforms focused on employment, were impacted.

The EU’s new Digital Markets Act gave the corporations identified as gatekeepers a maximum of six months to comply; if they didn’t, they risked severe fines

Even if they don’t have a WhatsApp account, interoperability will let people contact WhatsApp users. For instance, even without a WhatsApp account, someone might communicate with a WhatsApp user through the Signal app

. We acknowledge that this approach may also raise important questions about end-to-end encryption when receiving a message from users who don’t use WhatsApp, even though this more extensive network can improve communication with those who use other messaging apps and help those small apps compete within the messaging space.

It is necessary to improve the technical details of this procedure on WhatsApp as a gatekeeper because this function is still in its early stages of development.

However, we can ensure that interoperable messaging systems maintain end-to-end encryption. Additionally, consumers may opt-out when it becomes accessible, as Article 7 of the law specifies. Cross-platform messaging

Interoperability is only sometimes a good thing.

The gatekeeper groups have been fighting the EU Commission’s decision to make their digital services available. The Commission, however, argued against this and stated that their services serve as “an important gateway between businesses and consumers about core platform services.”

The DMA seeks to stop gatekeepers from subjecting businesses and end users to unfair practices. However, companies like Microsoft have warned that interoperability will hurt their services and offer rivals an advantage.

One of the most widely used messaging platforms worldwide is WhatsApp. It offers individual and group conversations as well as voice and video calls. You can communicate with individuals anywhere globally without paying for international calling or texting because it works through the Internet.

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