WhatsApp Channels message reactions are rolling out to more beta testers.

WhatsApp Channels message reactions are rolling out to more beta testers.


WhatsApp Channels message reactions are rolling out to more beta testers.To enable one-to-many chatting akin to social media, WhatsApp is developing the Channels function, and Meta is gradually broadening its availability.

 A message reaction function for Channels is included in the most recent beta version of WhatsApp, allowing subscribers to express their opinions with emoji reactions.

 Users can only choose from the pre-decided emoji reactions chosen by the Channel administrators. However, beta testers can now utilize the feature more regularly in areas where Channels have been implemented.

The most widely used messaging app worldwide is WhatsApp, which has earned the title. However, competitors like Telegram and Signal continually introduce cutting-edge new features to entice consumers, so they can’t afford to sit back and relax. According to sources, Meta has gone above and beyond with a quality-of-life enhancement that might aid in the launch of its new one-to-many broadcasting system. The app is now rolling out a channel feature.

WhatsApp Channels

Allow one individual to broadcast messages to many receivers, much like an influencer tweeting to their followers. They are more similar to social media than a regular chat experience. Only a few locations have channels, but Meta is gradually extending their reach. This new feature addition is changing the typical one-way nature of these communications.

The most recent beta of WhatsApp, v2.23.19.4, contains a new message reaction function for Channels, as described by WABetaInfo. To better communicate their ideas, channel followers can give emoji reactions to individual updates made on the Channel. The channel owner and other followers can see these reactions. This capability had previously only been accessible to a small number of people. However, the source claims that in areas where Channels have been launched, they are becoming more freely accessible to beta testers.

There was already evidence of this feature when it was found in the Channel settings. Users can only select from emojis that the Channel’s administrators have pre-selected for the reactions themselves.

The standard responses are:

  • A thumbs-up.
  • A red heart.
  • A laughing face.
  • A shocked face.
  • A tearful face.
  • Two hands clasped in prayer or thanksgiving.

The channel owners prohibit the ability to respond to any messages.

While this was previously accessible in WhatsApp’s regular chats and other areas, Channels now have it. You may quickly determine if you can by visiting the WhatsApp Announcement channel and attempting to respond to any message the service has sent.

When WhatsApp releases a feature to most beta testers, it usually becomes stable for users within a month. However, given that Channels are yet to be available in most locations, things may differ with this addition. Users can access the portion in Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, Singapore, and Ukraine. Even so, you should know that WhatsApp can alert you when Channels become accessible if you keep waiting.

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