GB WhatsApp? Why you should be careful when using WhatsApp mods!

GB WhatsApp? Why you should be careful when using WhatsApp mods!

WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp promise a lot of features that users can’t get on the regular apps. But there are a lot of risks and better alternatives!  GB WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular social media app in the world! 487.5 million people chat on WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Business currently has more than 200 million active monthly users worldwide. It’s not surprising that competitors are trying to capitalize on that success. 

That’s why we started seeing more WhatsApp clones (also called WhatsApp mods) popping up a few years ago. GB WhatsApp is probably the most popular WhatsApp mod out there. These apps clone the official WhatsApp versions but then use their developers to roll out features that the official apps don’t offer.

The promise is that you get more WhatsApp features than official apps at no extra cost. That sounds very tempting, but it’s not entirely true or without risk. 

WhatsApp vs. the official apps

The most popular WhatsApp mod, GB WhatsApp, promises additional features for users of the private WhatsApp app and the WhatsApp Business App (GB WhatsApp Pro Business). 

Private users get more languages, can hide their last seen status, and change the themes. 

Similarly, for the Pro version, GB WhatsApp claims to have more features than WhatsApp Business. 

Especially in a business context where you typically have to upgrade and pay for the more advanced features of WhatsApp 

mods like GB, it seems very interesting. However, there are several concerns with these WhatsApp clones! 

Risks of WhatsApp moderators

First, not everything that WhatsApp moderators like GBWhatsApp claim is necessarily true. The mod claims that you can bypass the iOS security system and still download their app to an iOS device. That’s not true! Apple doesn’t allow third-party app downloads not in the App Store, including GB WhatsApp. 

In addition, the feature comparison isn’t accurate. For instance, private users can change their app’s themes and customize who can see when they were last online. 

For businesses, the free WhatsApp Business App also allows you to broadcast messages and customize your profile settings. When taking a closer look, the popular WhatsApp mod still doesn’t offer the most exciting business features you get with the WhatsApp API, such as chatbots, message templates, and unlimited bulk messaging.

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So, if you want to scale your business using WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp doesn’t offer you a great advantage. It provides what you get on the free business version, and you still don’t get the more advanced functionalities of the API. 

At the same time, there are some security concerns with WhatsApp mods! The experts at the tech blog 91 Mobiles warn everybody from using WhatsApp mods, especially GB WhatsApp. 

If you’re running GBWhatsApp currently, uninstall it ASAP, which could compromise your device’s security. 

The issue with WhatsApp mods is that they’re unauthorized versions of the official app. Third-party providers develop them without any verification, so there’s a decent chance that with these third-party WhatsApp mods, you’re allowing potentially dubious third-party providers to access sensitive data on your device. 

In a business context, this is especially problematic. You risk: 

  • giving unauthorized users access to proprietary data
  • that your customer’s data can be hacked
  • opening yourself up to lawsuits

For the little to no benefit that GB WhatsApp and other mods offer in comparison to the official apps, it’s not worth it! 

GB WhatsApp alternatives

Of course, there are several other WhatsApp mods besides GB WhatsApp. However, they’re not necessarily safer or better. Especially in a business 

context, your best alternative is the one that offers all the premium features your company would want, such as: 

  • Unlimited bulk messages for WhatsApp marketing
  • integration of chatbots
  • green tick
  • One single business number

The easiest way to access the WhatsApp Business Platform is through official WhatsApp Business Providers. In a way, that’s the legitimate version of the WhatsApp mods, as they are verified Meta partners and offer officially approved software solutions for businesses. 

Like the mods, it is loved by Meta and offers no security risks. Business Solution Providers have developed additional features for businesses you don’t get through the official apps (even the API), but these all appear.

Since Engage, for example, is a business solution provider that offers an. With the platform, you can use all the advanced business features of WhatsApp and other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or Telegram. Some additional features are: 

  • Easy CRM integrations
  • Intuitive chatbot builder that lets you set up a WhatsApp chatbot in minutes (no IT skills required)
  • A centralized inbox where you can message all incoming chats, regardless of what messaging app they came from 
  • Advanced analytics for more insights into your campaigns
  • a local team of experts who can support you with whatever you need (setting up your account, getting the green tick, adding integrations, etc.
  • 100% compliance with the strictest data regulations 

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